Best MX Goggles for Motocross, ATV and Dirt Bike Riders

Published: 10th June 2010
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Find out why Motocross Goggles are a dirt bike riders, ATV riders, and motocross racers most useful piece of equipment.

Besides protecting the eyes from roost (kicked up mud or dirt) insects, they also cut down on the sun's glare and protect your eyes and part of your face from weather. Most importantly, they should allow clear vision for the rider. Dirt bike goggles are one of the first things riders should buy and replace often to keep up to date with the immense technology, which goes into creating the lenses. There are several brands available if you want the Best Goggles for Motocross, Dirt Bike and ATV riding.

Professional motocross racers and mx dirt bike riders need to wear eye protection to maintain their safety. Without being able to see, you cannot ride a motorbike. There is no simpler way of saying that motocross goggles are just as important as the bike itself!

Obviously, there are inexpensive, low-grade goggles on the market. It depends how much you value your sight, if you want to have a long and illustrious time racing around the track or pulling 45ft heel clickers, you need to be able to see where you are going to land. Having the appropriate eye protection is paramount in sustaining your career or hobby. When you need to choose which manufacturer of moto eye protection, look for the reputable brands like Oakley, Thor and Fox who spend millions of dollars on research and design. This way you not only having the company's backing but you are the end user in the seriously high development of technology.

When you are looking for the Best Goggles for Motocross, ATV and Dirt Bike Riding, look for the top named brands first. Goggles are incredibly affordable and you need not look any further than Oakley. They started life in 1975 and have never looked back. They are highly regarded as being one of the most innovative and unique when it comes to eyewear technology. By priding themselves on pushing the boundaries of eye protection, they consistently exceed the expectations and this is the reputation, which helps them strive onwards

Thor is another of the top names for eye protection. They consistently produce the finest quality MX goggles in the industry and every year they bring out their next generation goggles, which not only look cool and fit most helmets but they have exchangeable lenses. This alone helps you customize and choose a lens for different conditions. If you are riding in low light, the yellow lenses help your eyes pick up even more detail and make it seem like daylight. With a myriad of different styles, there will not only be the perfect set of goggles, but with all of the different colors available you have a huge range of choice.

Just when you thought you had too much choice already, one of the industry's leading manufacturers Fox also have their amazing range of eye protection for MX riders. With scratch resistant Lexan lenses and supreme anti-fog protection, they not only look great but their performance is sublime. Choose from a massive range of colors and frame styles such as the O Matter frame.

Not wearing goggles could result in a massive accident. There is nothing worse than dirt in your eyes or catching one of nature's beasts in the eye during mid-flight. By keeping wind, rain, snow and the glare of the sunlight out of your eyes, you can look forward to having a memorable ride. Don't make it memorable as being the last time your eyes worked, get some high tech dirt bike goggles before your next race or ride.

Your eyes are one of the most important organs you have. Protect them with high quality and affordable motocross goggles. Not only do they protect your face and eyes from roost, but with mirrored or tinted lenses, they limit the amount of glare you can get from the sun. They also seriously affordable, which means it is a small price to pay to protect your eyes.

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